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Synchronous motors

Synchronous motors

A special feature are the dematek synchronous motors for single-phase operation (SE series) and three-phase or frequency converter operation (SD series).

These are durable, brushless reluctance or hybrid motors. The speed of these motors is absolutely constant at loads below the rated torque. In this case, it only depends on the mains or inverter frequency. With frequency converter operation, any constant speed can be set - in many cases this is a cost-effective alternative to complex 4Q-controlled servo drives.
The synchronous motors are manufactured in the same sizes as the single-phase and three-phase motors.
Since the synchronous motors need neither encoder nor speedometer, several can be operated in parallel on a supply voltage source. Obtained in this way exactly synchronized drives, as required for example for driving conveyor belts.
Synchronous motors are manufactured depending on the application either as a reluctance motor or as a hybrid motor with permanent magnet rotor. This results in different electrical and electromechanical values.

Supply voltage Series SE: 230V AC, Series SD: 400V AC (*1)

TypeOutsideLength without shaftNumber of polesRated speedWeight
SE/SD 4240A4599230000,57
SE/SD 5040A5599230000,77
SE/SD 5060A55119230001,06
SE/SD 5040B5599415000,77
SE/SD 5060B55119415001,06
SE/SD 6540A7099230001,27
SE/SD 6560A70119230001,78
SE/SD 6540B7099415001,27
SE/SD 6560B70119415001,78
SE/SD 8040A8599230002,0
SE/SD 8060A85119230002,6
SE/SD 8080A85139230003,5
SE/SD 8040B8599415002,0
SE/SD 8060B85119415002,6
SE/SD 8080B85139415003,5
SE/SD 9060A95140230003,7
SE/SD 9060B95140415003,7
SE/SD 9080B95160415004,5

(*1) All motors are also available for special voltage applications.