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1-Q controller 5A, 10A, 16A

  • Reversal
  • Short-circuit braking
  • Enable terminal
  • Error output
  • Pulse output 2-channel
  • Current limitation internally adjustable
  • Approach ramp adjustable
  • Voltage range of electronics from 12 to 48 volts, standard 24V
  • Speed specification 0-10 V via input
  • Control range approx. 30: 1
  • Protection against overtemperature
  • Optionally open construction or aluminum housing
  • Connection via high-quality spring terminal strips


4-Q controller (PWM servo amplifier)

  • Up to 70VDC
  • 10A continuous current
  • Pulse current: 20A
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Protection against overtemperature

The eDR4-10 is a high-performance PWM servo amplifier for brushless DC motors up to 700 watts of power output.
It allows the following operating modes:

  • Current control
  • Digital encoder control
  • Hall control


We are able to combine countless encoder systems on the market with our motors to enable any kind of tachometer or positioning task.
Our incremental encoders can be mounted on the open or integrated into the drive housing, resulting in a higher degree of IP protection. The total length of the drive naturally increases accordingly.

Standard available pulse generators:

  • PPR
  • From 1 to 1000 pulses per revolution
  • Number of channels:
  • 1-channel, 2-channel (optional with reference pulse for servo applications), RS422 (3-channel with inverter)
  • Voltage Range:
  • Optical encoder with high number of pulses, preferably 5V, with additional driver circuit up to 24V.
  • Magnetic encoder 5V to 24V.